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Costs of Crime


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The Costs of Crime

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Measuring the costs of crime

Measuring the costs of crime particularly disaggregated by type of crime and by type of cost assists the various parts of the criminal justice system including those involved in crime prevention, law enforcement and the dispensing of justice to prioritise and to balance their resources in a rational way. The actual incidence of crime - that is, the number of occurrences per year - is not a good measure of its seriousness. The most common crimes in most societies are relatively minor ones, and although their costs may in aggregate be quite considerable, they quite reasonably attract lesser attention than more infrequent types of crime, such as homicide and major fraud, which have far more serious consequences on the victims of the crime. While there are indeed important other considerations, including public fear and concern about certain types of crime, the costs of crime, broadly defined, including the property losses, medical costs, costs of lost output and other less tangible types of costs, are a more rational basis for prioritisation in the criminal justice system.

John Walker Crime Trends Analysis has developed a methodology for measuring the costs of crime, based on over 25 years of experience and analysis. We can show you how to use the data to get the best from your criminal justice system.

Key Benefits

bulletIdentify potential sources of data on crime costs
bulletEstimate the costs of crime in your jurisdiction
bulletIdentify priority areas for crime prevention and law enforcement

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