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Updates to "Years in Review"

Published July 2013 杨泾,  Walker J., and 吴志明. Where does China’s Dirty Money Outflow? - The Walker Gravity Model and Five Dimensions Analysis, Chinese Journal of Financial Theory and Practice, July 2013.

Published September 2013 Walker,J. and Unger B., (2013) Measuring Global Moneylaundering: - the Walker Gravity Model,, in Research Handbook on Money Laundering, Eds Brigitte Unger and Daan van der Linde, Edward Elgar Press.

Published 26/10/2011 Pietschmann, T. and Walker,J. (2011) Estimating illicit financial flows resulting from drug trafficking and other transnational organized crimes, Research Report, Vienna, U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime.

Published 1/1/2010 in the Review of Law and Economics: Measuring Global Money Laundering: "The Walker Gravity Model", by John Walker and Brigitte Unger (Utrecht University School of Economics)

Currently assisting:

bulletthe Catholic University of Milan (TransCrime), with analysis of the Organised Crime Investment Portfolio;
bulletthe Victorian dept of Justice with a workload and finance forecasting model for the whole of the Justice portfolio;
bulletthe Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs with the development of a forecasting model for crime and justice;
bulletthe ACT Dept of Justice and Community Services with a Prison Projections Model.

Previous Projects:

bulletthe United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna, with analysis of illicit financial flows from Transnational Organised Crime;
bulletthe ACT Dept of Justice and Community Services with a Police Staffing Model.
bulletAnalysis of the Proceeds of Crime & Cost-effectiveness of Anti-Moneylaundering efforts in European Union Countries.
bulletthe Victorian Court of Appeal with Court Workload projections;
bulletthe IMF in developing a methodology to measure money laundering risks.


Finalist in the ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards, 2008, recognising my work with the Chinese People's Public Security University, the UNODC and the IMF.

Presentation to Norad, Oslo, Estimating Illicit Flows from Developing Countries

2008 in Review!

 Updated estimates of ML in and through Australia

6-page Summary Report

100-page Main Report

Modeling Global Crime:

Illicit Drugs

Money Laundering

Justice System Resource Allocation:

Forecasting Trends in Crime

The Costs of Crime

Staffing the Police

Indigenous Over-representation in the Criminal Justice System



What do we Do?


See if you can find me in the photos below.............


Conference on International Trends in Criminal Policy, Yogyakarta 1993

United Nations International on Firearm Regulation Team, Vienna 1995

International Symposium on Economic Crime, Cambridge 1997

Australian Institute of Criminology Symposium on Money Laundering, Sydney, 2000


Victorian Department of Justice, Portfolio Planning, Research & Statistics Unit, Melbourne 2001

UNODC, World Drug Report, Vienna 2005

First China International Forum on Application of Law, Beijing 2005


Tackling Money Laundering Conference, Utrecht 2007 - Panel: Takats, Baker, Reuter, Walker, Unger;                                   - Walker, Unger, Reuter


International Monetary Fund Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing Workshop, Singapore, 2008

International Monetary Fund Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing Workshop, Pune, India, 2008

International Monetary Fund Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing Workshop, Singapore, 2009

Photo from Canberra Times article, 2010

With Joras Ferwerda and Ioana Deleanu (ECOLEF team members) and Karan celebrating the completion of the

Report on the Economic and Legal Effectiveness of Anti-Moneylaundering in the European Union, Utrecht, 2011.

Prizewinners at the 2012 Cooma Feast of Poetry........

With Don Weatherburn and Richard Harding at the Australian Institute of Criminology 40th Anniversary, 2013.

With Russell Smith at the 2014 European Criminology Conference, Prague.

Michael Keenan (Minister for Justice), project manager Mandy Carter, me, and Chris Dawson, CEO of the Australian Crime Commission,

at the December 2015 launch of "The Costs of Serious and Organised Crime in Australia"



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