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Transnational Crime


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Targeting Transnational Crime and Moneylaundering

Just as in local administration, where properly-directed strategies are much more likely to emerge if you can identify which problems are the costliest, so it is in international and global politics. The right strategies against transnational crime will not be found by merely acting on knee-jerk reactions, simplistic assumptions or by following a dominant viewpoint. The optimal strategies are those that are based on evidence. The optimal strategies are those that are focused on the most serious problems – the priority areas. Any other approach is wasteful of scarce crime prevention resources. Therefore we need to be able to identify the most serious problems.

Financial crimes such as money laundering are, like drugs and arms trafficking, transnational crimes – the offenders make their illicit proceeds and then move their money through the often-unwitting financial (but sometimes complicit) systems of other countries. How can those countries know that their finance systems are aiding the movement of the proceeds of crime unless they know the criminal origins of the money? There is – or ought to be – a mutual obligation between countries to collaborate to combat transnational crime. Interpol has, for many years, encouraged the international sharing of intelligence information about crime, and in more recent years international agencies have been formed to combat money laundering, and these have also encouraged information sharing between countries. There are many bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreements about sharing intelligence about crime, but what is missing is a truly analytical – or “problem-oriented” - approach.

John Walker Crime Trends Analysis has developed a world-first methodology for identifying the extent, costs and key elements of transnational crime, based on over 25 years of experience and analysis. We can show you how to get the best from your criminal justice system.

Key Benefits


Prioritise your Strategies against organised crime

bulletTarget your anti-moneylaundering efforts
bulletIdentify the economic damage caused by major crime
bulletTarget and Resource the fight against transnational crime

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