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Salute to the Economic Rationalist

Throughout the world's great businesses, and in the corner shops, the economic rationalist is absolutely tops!
Always at our service to improve our way of life, minimising waste and driving out industrial strife.

When times are tough, and battlers in the bush can barely live, the economic rationalist will generously give
Advice on how to shut up shop and move toward the city.  An ounce of economics beats a ton of worthless pity!

And when our business prospects take a tumble for the worst, the economic rationalist is the one we turn to first.
A systematic sacking of the staff who matter least is guaranteed to turn a profit famine into feast.

The principle of "User Pays" is basic to the creed. A policy initiative of genius indeed!
So life's little essentials, such as schools, police and health, are all freely available – pro rata to your wealth.

And infrastructures that we used to take so much for granted are so much better private, now the Commies have recanted.
Two sets of cables, 'stead of one, strung along the street, simultaneously fix the phones and make our suburbs neat!

The econ-rat's reduced the load of bureaucratic waste, so we can fly in unsafe planes if that is to our taste.
And we can die in surgery beds, free of any fear that overstaffing problems in the wards can interfere.

The elderly, the sick, the poor and dispossessed are a burden to economies – a fact you can’t contest!
Why should our taxes subsidise a single welfare cheat, when big business suffers daily in its efforts to compete!

Yes, economic rationalist answers are the best. Privatise, transnationalise and then downsize the rest.
Eliminate all notions of what's fair and just and true, unless they have a dollar value that they can accrue.

For when you see the bottom line there's only one thing counts; As Fagin said to Oliver, "In the Bank, some large amounts".
And as the gap still widens twixt the rich ones and the poor, one day someone will wake up, and declare at last "NO MORE!"

We need Social and Environmental Rationalism as well!   John Walker 10/11/97

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