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What do we Do?


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What do we Do?

John Walker Crime Trends Analysis - What do we do?

Strategic Planning for the Criminal Justice System

Planning for resources such as new prisons or training police for emerging trends in crime requires some idea of what the future crime scene will look like, and how many offenders will be sentenced to terms of imprisonment.  This page describes how we generate the projections of crime trends, and how we turn them into a useful basis for resource planning and budgeting in the criminal justice system.


Targeting Transnational Crime and Moneylaundering

Targeting transnational crime and moneylaundering requires more than just a reactive approach.  The first step should be determining where the threats are coming from, and how big those threats are.  Transnational crimes are economic crimes, and they can only be attacked if we understand their economic structure. This page shows how you can generate useful data and combine it with expert knowledge to identify the key threats.  This information can then indicate the most effective directions for preventing transnational crime and money laundering.


Developing a Staffing Model for Police

How many police are needed to prevent crime, apprehend offenders and maintain public confidence in law and order?  Given budgetary constraints, how can you allocate police to different districts to obtain optimal results?  This page describes an approach to police staffing that has been described as "one of the world's most advanced".


Estimating the Costs of Crime

Prioritising crime prevention and control activities is important.  One aspect of crime is the costs it imposes, not only on victims, but also on their families, friends , communities and society as a whole.  This page describes how you can estimate the relative costs of different types of crime, and how those calculations can form the basis of a rational resource allocation across the criminal justice system.


Illicit Drugs Global Economic Model

Illicit drugs trading involves a number of different markets in different countries and regions around the world.  However, what they do have in common is that they are economic players in those countries and regions, and their economic impacts can be measured.  This is an important step in identifying strategies to reduce the harm caused by illicit drugs use, and this page shows how the UNODC's global model was developed. 

Reducing Indigenous Over-representation in the Criminal Justice System

The imprisonment rates of Australian indigenous people have been an embarrassment to Australia for many years. In 1991, the report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody highlighted the significant over-representation of indigenous people in Australian prisons. The 1994 Report of the Inquiry into the Implementation by Governments of the Recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody - entitled "Justice under Scrutiny" - showed how difficult an issue indigenous imprisonment is for government bodies in Australia to solve, but by focusing on the criminal justice system both of these immensely costly Inquiries ensured that no progress was going to be made in the ensuing years: - the figures are no better now than they were in 1994.  This page presents some of the key facts about the imprisonment of indigenous people in Australia and explores two of the principal reasons behind the statistics, in the hope that they will assist politicians, the media, academics and lobby groups to focus their efforts towards the causes rather than the symptoms of the problem.




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